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Richard Subia – Consultant

Leading the way in litigation strategies.

Mr. Subia’s experience and training over the past 30 years have provided him with the experience to provide detailed consultation and expert testimony in various areas in the public safety arena. He amassed 26 years of experience with the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation prior to his retirement in 2012. Throughout his CDCR career, Mr. Subia demonstrated his expertise in several fields including administration, management, supervision, and line-staff duties and responsibilities. Mr. Subia has utilized his extensive experience with CDCR to compliment the consulting services provided to past clients and is eager to assist current and future clients as well.

Since 1986, Mr. Subia was assigned to work in four different California prisons. Prior to his retirement, he was responsible for administering the operation of all of California’s 33 adult prisons statewide. In addition, he was also responsible for the administration operations of all out-of-state contract facilities which housed over 9500 California offenders. By the end of his career, Mr. Subia was responsible for administering the housing, programs, and operation of over 162,000 inmates in all 33 California adult prisons statewide as well as all out of state contract facilities housing over 9,500 California offenders in private prisons.  In addition, he was responsible for the management of over 20,000 employees. His knowledge and experience includes all policy and procedure areas for institution programs, new prison activations, and headquarters operations.

His knowledge and experience includes:

  • Policy and Procedure for institution programs
  • Gang Management – Institution Gang Investigator (IGI)
  • Prison Operations
  • Administrative Operations

Mr. Subia extensive experience in gang management and previously held the position of Institution Gang Investigator (IGI). While assigned as the IGI, Mr. Subia was responsible for the validation process at a maximum security prison and participated in the validations of over 500 gang members. He also participated in the debriefing process of numerous prison gang members who had elected to disassociate from their respective gangs.

During his tenure as an IGI, he worked with various law enforcement agencies on coordinated efforts to manage gang activity in the community and participated in joint task force exercises focused on street gang and prison gang identification processes. As an IGI, Mr. Subia was an active member of the California Gang Task Force and the Tri-County Gang Task Force located in Northern California

For over 11 years, Mr. Subia was assigned to supervisory and management positions at a prison responsible for the housing of gang drop-outs. For approximately one year, he held the position of Warden at the same prison with the responsibility of the management and program of over 3400 inmates. Many of these inmates were housed on Sensitive Needs Yards (SNY).

In various administrative, managerial and supervisory capacities he was responsible for formulating decisions involving inmates which included rule violations and discipline, appeals, investigations, access to health care services, program/housing placements, and classification actions.

He was also responsible for creating and implementing managing decisions involving CDCR staff and employees relative to training programs, performance assessments, investigations, discipline, labor negotiations and evaluating uses of force.

In these varied capacities, he has made decisions covering every aspect of inmate programming.  Additionally, was also responsible for employee hiring practices and development of employees, the majority of whom were professional peace officers.

Mr. Subia has been deemed an expert in both prison gangs and criminal street gangs, CDCR Policies and Procedures, and Risk Assessment both in-custody and community based in both State and Federal Court.

Professional Education and Training

  • Studies in Psychology and Business ManagementCentral Texas College
  • Honorable DischargeU.S. Navy E-5
  • General Education and Criminal JusticeSacramento City College
  • Administrative LawUniversity of California, Davis
  • Internal Affairs InvestigationSan Jose State University
  • Administrative Hearing AdvocacyUniversity of California, Davis
  • Criminal InvestigationSacramento City College
  • Homicide/Death InvestigationSacramento City College
  • High Stakes Employment LitigationContinuing Education of the Bar
  • Selected Issues in Workers CompensationContinuing Education of the Bar
  • Fundamentals of Employment Law PracticeContinuing Education of the Bar
  • Criminal Investigation California Department of Justice
  • National Incident Management SystemOffice of Homeland Security
  • Leadership Development TrainingIBM Workforce Solutions
  • Discipline and Labor ProblemsAmericans for Effective Law Enforcement, Inc.
  • Employment and Labor LawLittler, Mendelson, Fastiff, Tichy, and Mathiason
  • Leadership Development Studies ProgramPhi Theta Kappa
  • Gang Management – Correctional Peace Officers Foundation
  • Interpreting Gang TattoosAmerican Correctional Association

Specialized Boards and Memberships

  • Phi Theta Kappa National Honor Society
  • Strategic Offender Management System (SOMS) – Executive Steering Committee
  • American Correctional Association
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