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Why Subia Consulting Services?

Subia Consulting Services provides professional correctional consulting services to federal, state, local and private agencies. In addition, Mr. Subia has specific experience in assisting in litigation strategies on court related matters.

Expertise in Correctional Operations, Rehabilitative Programming, Gang Management, and Prison Culture. With an over 30-year experience base, Subia Consulting provides prompt resolution strategies to critical issues facing correctional operations and community-based offender management in today’s politically charged and financially challenged environment.

As the former Director of the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, Richard Subia developed and implemented successful correctional business practices in the areas of Institutional Operations and Community Supervision, Fiscal Management, Canine Operations, Strategic Planning and Evaluation, Policy Development, Risk Management, Litigation Management, Population Management, Security Threat Group Management, and Internal and External Communications.

Specialized in providing insight and resolution to critical issues facing Corrections entities including, Prison Overcrowding, Court Compliance, Cell Phone Interdiction and In-custody Death Investigation.

Consulting Services specializing in:

Expert Testimony: Subia Consulting has the ability to review critical incidents in public safety as well as the workplace for a 360-degree approach. This approach provides a legal review, supervision appraisal, proper training assessment, policy and procedure protocol evaluation, review of tactics deployed, examination of evidence and forensic standards.

Critical Incident Reviews: Subia Consulting has the ability to assist in ongoing court litigation up to and including court testimony. He can also provide on-site training to anyone responsible for providing courtroom testimony. On-site training will provide participants with the necessary tools to reduce anxiety and develop skills to become a professional and credible witness.

Prison Operations (Security, Lockdowns, Cell Phone Interdiction)

Population Management (Overcrowding, Private Prison Operations)

Correctional Administration (Organizational Operations, Management Reviews)

Facility Management (Audits and Compliance)

ADA Compliance

Security Threat Group (Gang Management)

Training and Program Development

Integrated Security Planning

Expert Product Review

Risk Management (Law Suit Avoidance Strategies)

Court Compliance (Litigation Defense Strategies)

Monitoring (Constitutional Standards)

“Rich Subia is a strategic thinker with decades of experience inside the correctional system. He provides invaluable insight into how to most effectively engage and influence decision-makers within the prison and detention sector.”

Mark Potter
Provincial Assistant for Social Ministries,
California Province of the Society of Jesus

“I had the pleasure of working with Mr. Subia on a very important matter. Richard Subia patiently and methodically explained what all those hundreds of prison documents really meant. “

Javier Rios
Deputy Public Defender

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